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The team at Putnam Insights supports corporate leaders and their communications officers in making their organization's mission and accomplishments visible to key stakeholder groups.

Putnam Insights builds organizational reputation by bringing insights and data-validated action plans to executive leadership teams and their communications officers. These plans are informed by the needs and perceptions of critical stakeholders.

To drive these objectives, Putnam has engaged a diverse team of senior consultants as a consortium to support specific, high-impact communication and policy needs. Service areas address core strategic focal points for the enterprise, selected in consultation with communications officers with decades of collective experience.

In support of this work, Putnam has also developed a unique playbook of curated custom service packages to provide clear, targeted communication deliverables with predefined timeframes and costs.

Ray Jordan’s track record shows that he is among the best at building reputation for sustainable business and social outcomes. He has earned credibility and therefore access, qualities that will help set Putnam Insights apart.

John Doorley, reputation management consultant; former head of corporate communications, Merck

When the 41st President created the CEO Roundtable on Cancer, it was Ray who helped develop its mission statement and the means by which it was destined to enhance America’s corporate wellness through health preservation and early cancer detection and treatment. Ray’s gift as a superb communicator has benefited the executives of some of America’s greatest companies and his analytical mind has helped to guide and shape vital decisions that corporations take on behalf of their stakeholders.

Dr. Martin J. Murphy, founding chief executive officer of the CEO Roundtable on Cancer and of Project Datasphere®

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