Environmental, Social, & Governance

Environmental, Social, & Governance

Assess external and internal perceptions and organization measurements to optimize organization strategy around environmental, social, governance (ESG) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Putnam Insights collaborators have been at the forefront of working with highly-visible organizations on their ESG/DEI measures and strategies. A custom service program supplements Putnam’s consultative work in this area.

Custom Service Program

Assess and recommend improvements to the ESG and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) approaches that support an organization's strategy.

Offering & Deliverables

Putnam Insights works with the organization to define ESG/DEI perceptual measures that support organization strategy, align to workplace culture, enhance employee experience, and help achieve recruitment and retention goals.

Assessment is performed from the perspective of multiple high-priority stakeholders

Recommended approaches to address stakeholder opportunities and gaps identified

Recommendations are provided to the CCO in a form ready for discussions or presentations with the senior executive team


Putnam works with the CCO to define internal stakeholders to help ESG/DEI objectives and stakeholders

Conducts online, media, and/or direct outreach research to assess perceptions, opportunities, and gaps

Shares recommendations as a report and/or briefing presentation as scoped

Program Duration

Defined upfront, typically several weeks to months following approvals and resource allocation

Cost Drivers

Number of internal and external stakeholders to engage in consultation; depth, the format of perceptual research