Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Develop a clear picture of internal and external perceptions and build draft outreach/messaging playbooks as the organization faces significant acquisition or merger

Members of the Putnam Insights consortium have deep hands-on experience managing and supporting the communication aspects of corporate mergers and acquisitions, both from internal and external vantage points. Beyond consulting services, Putnam also provides a curated service package within this area.

Custom Service Program

Develop a clear working playbook of internal and external communication materials as the organization anticipates a merger or an acquisition.

Offering & Deliverables

Putnam Insights develops assessments, step-by-step processes, response templates, and a set of communication materials for informing internal and external audiences during the event

Multiple scenario assessments with step-by-step processes and response templates

Set of materials for the CCO to share with the senior leadership team as an anticipatory approach and template for communicating throughout the process


Putnam Insights works with the CCO, CLO, and other appropriate C-suite leaders to consider various timelines and scenarios

From the sequenced timelines, prepares step-by-step process maps for each

The CCO and relevant other senior team members remain engaged through the process

Program Duration

Scoped upfront with the CCO and driven by particulars of the M&A process

Cost Drivers

Complexity of potential transaction, number of possible scenarios to assess, range of internal and external stakeholders to engage, and whether engagement scope continues beyond scenario assessment and planning into execution