Product and Service Launches

Strategic Initiatives & Change

Strategic Initiatives & Change

Assess stakeholder perceptions and build trust and confidence in the context of high-impact strategic initiatives and changes

Putnam Insights investigates the external environment surrounding issues or significant new product or service launches to identify perceptions, risks, opportunities, and the potential impact on internal and external groups. The analysis informs communication approaches to drive awareness and gauge public opinion in alignment with business priorities.

Custom Service Program

Assess underlying perceptions of the market and opinion leaders when the organization faces a high-impact strategic change, marketplace disruption, or significant product introduction—frame potential responses to these perceptions to address issues and capitalize on opportunities.

Offering & Deliverables

Formal scan of the environment from the perspective of key stakeholders

Identify risks and opportunities, both anticipated and hidden

Overview of potential internal (e.g., employees) and external (e.g., customers, communities in which it serves) impact on the organization

Assessment of social, digital, and traditional media perception

Analysis of global and regional key opinion leaders (KOLs), which may include primary survey research


Identify the scope and timeline with the CCO

Perform a situation analysis with the CCO, securing background information, context, and intentions for strategic organization change

Collaborate with the CCO and team to identify appropriate stakeholders that can help assess upcoming changes and impact

Work with internal stakeholders and the CCO to identify resources and engagement strategy

Environmental scan and perceptual assessment of internal and external stakeholders, political influentials, commercial council members, local business organizations, philanthropic and other third-party stakeholders

Assessment of baseline perceptions in an agreed-upon template. This may include scans of social media, perception of the public (electronically, in-person, survey), employee, and investor audiences

Program Duration

Defined in the scoping process, estimated from several weeks to several months, following approvals and resource allocation

Cost Drivers

Factors include the scope of change and range of stakeholders and policy positions, and type of analyses (e.g., electronic, in-person interviews)