Corporate Reputation

Corporate & Brand Reputation

Corporate & Brand Reputation

Align core messaging framework, policy positioning, and stakeholder engagement to measurable drivers of reputation and value

Putnam Insights assesses an organization’s reputation drivers, stakeholders, policy positions, geographic priorities, and key messages through media and social media research and direct interviews. We provide gap analyses and action plans to map organization messaging to high-priority stakeholders, guiding the organization’s journey to optimize results.

Custom Service Program

Link organizational messaging, policy positioning, and stakeholder outreach to measurable drivers of reputation and value

Offering & Deliverables

Analyze reputation value drivers, with gaps and opportunities identified for each

Draft plan with insights to support building/enhancing reputation

Messaging themes and perceptions mapped to market capitalization or other agreed measures of organizational value

Identification of priority stakeholder groups and specific high-impact spokespeople


In conjunction with the CCO, identify geographic priorities, core messaging, strategic policy positioning, and targeted outcomes the organization looks to achieve

Stakeholder outreach: the CCO is involved in helping to identify stakeholders who will be engaged from both inside and outside the organization for interviews and which electronic or other data sources will be tapped and leveraged

Identify messaging and perceptual gaps both holistically and within individual stakeholder groups

Program Duration

Estimated at one to two months following approvals and resource allocation, based on interview and data collection schedule

Cost Drivers

Complexity of organization and number of internal and external stakeholders to engage