Sarah Colamarino

Sarah Colamarino

Senior Consultant

Sarah has a track record of leading growth and change, igniting organizations, and creating stakeholder engagement and advocacy.

She has deep expertise, experience and leadership with purpose-driven strategy, branding, marketing and communication with a focus on ESG, CSR, DE&I, internal engagement and external branding. Her work results in measurable impact on corporate brand, reputation, talent attraction and retention, trust and business growth.

Sarah had a 30+ year career at Johnson & Johnson, most recently as Vice President of Corporate Brand Equity and Partnerships. Sarah created marketing/communication strategies across multiple large and small Johnson & Johnson companies. She served on global non-profit boards and advisory councils.

Sarah now works with clients to create impactful strategies for competitive advantages. She has a focus in ESG, CSR, DE&I, and internal engagement. She also builds external strategies utilizing top creative talent to build purpose-driven content.


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